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Enterprise Fax Solution Page

RightFax - OpenText Becomes Fax Services Leader

RightFax is the market leading “gold-standard” of network fax solutions, with almost four- times the market share of the next competitor.

RightFax allows users to reduce costs, improve productivity and meet compliance goals by integrating fax with e-mail, desktop and document management applications, and by enabling high volume fax delivery from CRM, ERP, and host applications. RightFax provides unrivaled reliability, business continuity, scalability, and ease of use for IT staff and desktop users alike. Regardless of size, RightFax can meet the needs of any organization.

RightFax – A Proven Market Leader

is the proven market leading Fax solution – Learn what’s new in v10.5 and how RightFax can save your organization money and make you more productive

Models of Fax Server Deployment

With RightFax v10.5, there are now several ways to deploy RightFax, and Bit by Bit can help you with all of them!

Learn which method is best for you:

  • Traditional On Premise RightFax server
  • RightFax in the Cloud – Hosted
  • RightFax in the Cloud – Hybrid

3B DocRouter

  • Learn how the 3B DocRouter can help you seamlessly route documents internally and externally based on their content!


  • Many organizations are taking advantage of the benefits of virtualization and are virtualizing their RightFax Environments – Learn how and why!
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