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Cloud Solutions

Harness the power of the cloud to run your business anywhere, anytime with secure access to enterprise data.

• Applications in Cloud
Bit by Bit can assist you in moving your applications to the cloud to reduce onsite hardware requirements, ongoing maintenance, and upgrade costs.

• Email in the Cloud
Microsoft O365 is now more than just email!  Bundles include: Skype for Business, One Drive & Sharepoint for File Sharing4, full Office to work locally, or use Office Apps to work completely in the cloud.

• Cloud Backups
Backups are for more than using on just your on premise applications. It is now important to back up your cloud applications -- just because your data is in the cloud doesn’t mean you don’t need a backup.

• Reverse Cloud
Some firms want the speed and control of an on premise solution with the flexibility and fixed monthly cost of a hosted solution.  We provide both with our unique reverse cloud option.

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